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Umbrella Insurance

Those living on the coastlines might bundle Oklahoma in as just one of the flyover states, but we Okies know this state has a lot going on. Booming resources, beautiful landscapes, and passionate sports fans are just a few things to be proud of. But, while our landlocked state isn't apt to fall prey to hurricanes and flooding, residents here do have some things to watch out for. Tornados, blizzards, and, unfortunately, theft do happen here. Because of it, it's a good idea for all Okies to strongly consider an Umbrella Insurance plan for the best protection of their assets.

Understanding Oklahoma Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is a unique type of insurance you can get whether you are a homeowner, renter, car owner, vacant land owner, something else, or a mix of more than one. Here, the policy is specifically written with your needs in mind and will come into play when another insurance policy meets its limits.

For example, let's say you own an RV and have a $15,000 RV insurance policy. If you are in an accident that causes $19,000 worth of damage after a deductible, then that RV insurance policy would leave you still paying another $4,000. Unless you have an umbrella insurance policy. The umbrella insurance policy fills in to cover that financial gap. This is why umbrella insurance is also commonly called gap insurance.

While umbrella insurance policies are often bought to supplement a home, vehicle, renter, or commercial insurance policy, you can also purchase a standalone umbrella insurance policy through our team at Enable Insurance Oklahoma. A standalone umbrella insurance policy will thus offer you flexible coverage for bodily injuries, property damages, and even reputation injuries without needing to be based on another policy.

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The flexibility of umbrella insurance makes it incredibly valuable for many of our Okie clients. Contact our Oklahoma office today to learn more.

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