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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Before you take your new boat out for a spin on the lake, you should consider getting a boat/watercraft insurance policy. At Enable Insurance in Oklahoma, we see how vital this kind of coverage can be for boat owners of all varieties. Whether you have a small canoe or a large motorboat, watercraft insurance can come in handy when you least expect to need to use it.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance is a form of insurance that is meant to protect valuable watercraft assets, from canoes to jet skis and beyond. Some insurance policies only cover specific kinds of watercraft, while others will cover any vehicle designed to go on the water.

When you buy a boat, you may think that your shiny new watercraft will never get into any trouble or cost you hefty sums in repairs. Unfortunately, as nice as your boat might be when you take it for its first trip on the water, plenty of emergencies can happen on and off the water. This is why we recommend boat insurance for boat owners.

Does Oklahoma law require boat insurance?

When consulting Oklahoma law, you will not find any boat insurance requirements for boat owners. Even so, boat insurance is recommended for most boat owners. Although you're a careful boater on the water, other boat owners might not be. If your boat is damaged, the costs to fix it can easily outweigh the price of boat insurance. If your boat is ever stolen, boat insurance may also be able to help you replace it.

Unforeseen scenarios like these make boat insurance a logical choice. It's better to be able to sigh with relief because you have boat insurance than wish you had it in these situations.

For more information about how Enable Insurance can help you get coverage for your boat or watercraft in Oklahoma, call our office today!

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